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Want to feel better?

You live in the lovely city of Compton. However you don't have many friends so you spend most your days alone in sadness. To fix this problem you decide to go to a pet store and buy a dog.

It was a very hard decision for you to buy the dog as Compton is a very expensive city to live in so you don't have much money for your favorite food, spaghetti, which you eat every meal.

Deciding that buying the dog is worth foregoing several meals, you buy the dog and bring him home.The dog is a very lovable creature so you decide to name it Bill after your mother who had passed away earlier that week.

Although having to face severe hunger pangs, your time is spent in great company and happiness with Bill.

Weeks passed and the inability to afford spaghetti was beginning to take its toll on you, Bill's company was no longer enough, and it drove you to madness.

In order to survive you had to eat your pet dog, it tasted so good that you didn't even want spaghetti anymore, you just wanted to eat more dog.

So you were able to live happily ever after.